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Pregnant In Peterborough

Health Before Pregnancy

If there is a baby in your future, you’ll want to plan ahead to give your baby the best start possible. The health before pregnancy workbook is a good place to begin. It’s not just up to moms though! A man’s health and his readiness to become a dad are really important too.

You’re having a baby

As an expectant parent it’s normal to feel excited, nervous and at times, a bit overwhelmed as you adjust to the many changes that pregnancy brings. Peterborough Public Health is your one-stop source for programs that educate, empower and support you to have a healthy pregnancy, prepare for birth and care for your newborn.

Health After Pregnancy

Learning about what to expect after your baby arrives, will help you feel more prepared to care for and feed your newborn, handle the postpartum physical changes, and adjust to becoming a new mom or a new dad. Becoming a parent is the adventure of a lifetime. Are you ready for the journey?